Thursday, April 21, 2005

My FiRsT bLoG...

Hay, this is my first blog so don't get all crabby on me if i write it like crap, got it?Just kidding. My names Shannon Malone (i prefer shaz, thats my nick) and i live in Australia, Perth. I go to an average catholic school (don't ask all im sayn is that it sux there, but my mates are the best u could ever find) and i'm in year 6 (yay only 2 more years till high school...which is another cath school....). My teacher is Mr.Miller, i reckon he's the best teacher in the whole school. We usually make fun of his mustash and his glasses, we always imagen him as a tie (i know, i have a reli immature mind). Mr.M's awsome, he's reli funny...but he's reli big on maths, which i hate but he says im atully 'good' at it so i got into this gay-ass state maths comp and we came sumwhere about 17 outta 20 (phhfft yea im smart, ay). Enough about me, how about u tell me a bit about u. Whats ur name? Fred. Fred?! What were ur parents drunk when they named u? And geeze ur pretty ugly...i mean no offence, but did they drop u when u were born? Haha jk. More about me less about u. My fave band in Simple Plan and im completely in love with the lead singer Peirre. I'm always listening to music, it's in my nature. I can't stand slow music or R&b or hip hop or ne shit like that, makes me go crazy!!!It has to b pure rock or punk music (i'm real picky about music). There was this one time (im starting to sound like dat annoyn chik off american pie) at home wen mum played her 'opera music' drove me nuts so i turned off all the power (so proud). I'm on my holidays at the moment, so i guess im writing this coz i got so freakin bored. But the holz wern't all bad, mum took 2 weeks off to spend time with me, so we went to the movies with mates and stuff like that. There's only 3 days left of freedem, then i have to go back to school in my (RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI RELI cough RELI, i think i made my point) winter uniform. But i can't wait to see everyone again, but im worried that i might not see everyone, there might be one person missing. I've been worried all holidays wether one of my mates have died, coz last holidays a boy from our school got ran ova by a car, i didn't reli know him, but i felt sorry for his family. But i hope everyone comes back in one peice. Dad's been nagging me all morning to get off, but NOOOO I'M not gonna get off, i wanna write somemore in this gay blog. Ok i better go now (haha) catha anotha time. ShAz xOxx


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